An "extra-ordinary" diversity

Unlimited Cities Pro has been designed to adapt to all kinds of areas: vulnerable urban areas, rich, tropical, temperate, central, peripheral, in a state of emergency or in development...


Site: Urbaana - Tool: Unlimited Cities Pro

Installation of the application on a former railway track in the context of the "OPEN CITIES" European project.


Site: La Pompignane - Tool : Unlimited Cities Pro

Produced at the heart of a restructured urban space of 100 hectares located in the East of Montpellier.

PARIS 2013

Site: NUMA - Tool: Unlimited Cities Spe

Installation in a building in the process of being renovated to house the Silicon Sentier association (offices designed especially for collaborative work with a network of shared resources, organisation of federating events in the digital sector, start-ups launcher).


Site : Quartier Saint-Louis - Tool : Unlimited Cities Pro

Installed in an abandoned hospital and 5 hectares of land situated in the city centre.

Award: Winner of the selection 15 years Internet City award


Site: South Court TGV station - Tool: Unlimited Cities Pro

Installed in the south court of the future TGV station.

EVRY 2012

Site: ENSIIE, Inst. Mines Telecom - Tool: Unlimited Cities Spe

Installed around the school extension that will house a cluster of social and responsible innovations.


Site: Northeast of Japan - Tool: Unlimited Cities Pro

Site visits and study of a collaborative project between Japanese architects and researchers for the reconstruction of a fishing village on the site of the March 2011 Tsunami.

RIO 2011

Site: Rocinha and Santa Marta - Tool :Unlimited Cities Pro

Study with the technological centre of information and communication of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Proderj) and the architects of the city of Rio for the development of a project in the favelas Santa Marta and Rocinha. Encounter between Director of the cultural centre and the inhabitants of Santa Marta.

PARIS 2011

Site: Bastille - Tool: Unlimited Cities Pro (prototype)

Prototype experimentation with the public in the context of the Futur en Seine Festival in 2011. Consultation of the public and discussions on the future of a historic neighbourhood in the centre of Paris.

Award: Winner of the prototype innovation Futur en Seine award